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MVPs: a quick Q&A

When it comes to learning more about MVPs and improving maternity services, there’s some jargon to understand. Here’s a simple guide to get you started:

What is a Maternity Voices Partnership (MVP)? Why do MVPs exist?

An MVP is a team of people with experience of local maternity care who work together to positive improvements to maternity services. MVPs are led by users (mothers and fathers) and members also include Commissioners, midwives, doctors, Health Visitors and Children’s Centre representatives.

How were MVPs established?

In 2016, NHS England produced the Better Births report (2016), which focused on ensuring that service users can get involved in helping to shape local maternity services through a ‘co-production’ model, basically that people who use maternity services can have a direct say in improving them.

MVPs developed from Maternity Services Liaison Committees, which have been in existence since 1984. Hillingdon MVP was relaunched in 2018.

What is National Maternity Voices (NMV)?

National Maternity Voices (NMV) is the national group of MVPs in England. NMV provide support and advice to service user MVP chairs and promote awareness of good practice in setting up and developing MVPs among maternity services providers.

How do MVPs gather feedback for their work?

MVPs use a variety of methods, including listening to parents in the hospital, community visits, interviews and focus groups in children’s centres and libraries, online surveys. See the National Maternity Voices website for further details:  

How does co-production work?

Co-production is a way of working that enables people who use maternity services to come together in equal partnership to improve service design, development and evaluation. See NHS, Effective co-production through local Maternity Voices Partnerships, May 2018 for further details:  

How can I get involved?

We’re looking for parents from across Hillingdon to get involved with the MVP! Check out or contact our chair, Kamilla, for details on

If you’re interested in further reading:

Sharing ideas, solving issues

Hillingdon MVP held our latest meeting on 4th April in Hillingdon Hospital. We are so grateful for everyone in the local community who gave their time to contribute to the research or attended the meeting!

We focused on brainstorming practical solutions to challenges found through over 100 interviews completed with Hillingdon maternity service users and staff over the past couple of months. This meeting focused on language and translation support, and postnatal support in the hospital and the community. We are now working to further develop these possible solutions to ensure that families in Hillingdon get off to the best possible start.

Initial feedback on the meeting included: “Sharing ideas, solving simple issues” “Loved the small group work, feeling of involvement”, “So buzzy, felt so good”, “The room layout open and friendly, love the cakes ❤”, “Good interactive session, allowed networking opportunities”.

We are looking for more maternity service users to get involved in our activities ahead of our next meeting – please get in touch with Kamilla at!

Engagement project

We are excited to have teamed up with Year Here, a social innovation fellowship programme to combat inequality in London, for a 2 month engagement project between February and April.

The Year Here team and our Chair, Kamilla, are listening to people across the borough about their maternity experiences, with a particular focus on the Somali and Afghani community, and fathers. We will be developing our action plan for the next year based on our conversations!